Lifting up Jesus and His Gospel in music

Clifton S. McLaughlin, president of Christian DJ Enterprises, is a born again Christian, attending Thy Will Be Done! Christian Ministries, NY,  Born out of his love for music and a unique understanding of how music impacts lives, he founded Christian DJ Enterprises eight (15) years ago under the divine inspiration of God.

Without reservation, he believes music is a gift from God, without which the world would not be the same. His mission as a Christian DJ is to encourage, enlighten, and bless the Christian community through exposure to gospel music for the spirit, mind, and soul.

Over the past eight (15) years he has served at various types of functions including weddings, birthday parties, banquets, gospel cruises, basketball events, sweet 16s, gospel roller skating events, and live sounds. With no preference of type, he continues to serve each event in the same professional, loving, and humble manner.

With time comes wisdom. With experience comes growth. Yet his mission remains the same...

Mission Statement (ACTS 4:12)
There is no other name given under heaven, that can save us, only Jesus saves.......

Statement of Purpose
This business exists to serve the Christian community, playing God's music for clients of all denominations.

We will conduct our appointments with future Bride & Groom in person.


Dear Bride and Groom,


As you prepare for your wonderful wedding day, we would like to thank you for considering Christian DJ Enterprises (CDE) for your musical needs.

CDE has over 20 years of experience in helping anxious couples such as yourselves with their wedding plans.

CDE is a full service music ministry. We can help you from the planning stages of your wedding through to that special day. We have various packages available. 

CDE will tailor a wedding package that is specific to your needs so your wedding day is everything you've ever dreamed of.

Our client friendly forms are easy to fill out. Please contact us for an information packet containing some helpful tools that will make the planning of your wedding day a little easier. Upon contacting us, a CDE representative will gladly fill out all necessary forms with you.
Together we can make your wedding day a wonderful success.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your CDE representative. We are here to assist you and answer any questions you may have.

CDE prays that together we can make your wedding day a blessed event and forge a lasting friendship.

Clifton S. McLaughlin

This business will respect the preferences of all believers and upon request, will only play the musics client (s) select from the following categories:

Available are the latest in:

  • Contemporary Music

  • Rhythm & Praise

  • Praise & Worship

  • Dance

  • House Music

  • Club Music

  • Salsa

  • Merengue

  •  Reggae

  • Calypso

NOTE: If you prefer selections other than gospel music, please advise us.

We believe music was created by our Heavenly Father, and Satan has perverted some music; but as Christians, we are taking the beats back from the prince of the air and jamming for Jesus. Remember what makes a song sacred; it is not the beat but the words. Hallelujah - Amen.


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